Brand Owner Address Description
180S 180S, INC. 700 S. Caroline Street
Non-prescription sunglasses designed for sports ...

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Technical Examples
  1. This invention discloses an inexpensive, foldable, decorative hair band, which can be worn like sunglasses, pushed up above the wearer's forehead, comprising two sunglasses temple earpieces attached by folding sunglasses hinges to the opposite ends of a slightly outwardly bowed bridging strip section, that fits across the wearer's forehead, and a detachable decorative plate, instead of lenses, which fits onto and over this bridging strip, and which has a design on its outer surface. This decorative plate section can be easily connected and disconnected, from the bridging strip, so that the decorative plate can be replaced with another, having a different decorative design, as the wearer desires.