Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
9MESES Rosado, Susana Apt 112
3332 NE 190th St
Aventura FL 33180
Cable television programming; Charitable services, providing ...
CURIOTICA Treiber, Eric 92 Second Avenue Apt. 7
New York NY 10003
Cable television programming; Direction of making ...
MOTOTINTYPE d'Orleans, Paul No. 8A
32 Morton St.
New York NY 10014
Arranging, organizing, conducting, and hosting social ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A screen controller for providing the display of images on a computer display in a programmatic manner, the images in one example originating from web sites of the Internet providing real time images from web cameras. In one embodiment, a method for displaying images on a display provides a user with one or more web sites to select, each web site having an image therein. The user's selection of the one or more web sites are stored, and the user is provided with a control to specify a time range during which each image of each web site is to be accessed. During the time range specified, the web site is accessed to obtain the image, and the image is displayed on the display.