Animal feed including cationic cholesterol additive and related methods

Patent Number: 9387215

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Methods and feed compositions for increasing health of agricultural animals include administering a cationic cholesterol additive through the diet of the animal, such as through solid feed or drinking water of the animals. The method includes feeding an animal a diet comprised of a cationic cholesterol additive, such as a compound with a sterol backbone and a plurality of cationic groups attached thereto. The feed composition may include a solid or liquid feed component and a cationic cholesterol additive. The methods and compositions are useful for animals raised in confined feed operations, such as cattle, swine, horses, sheep, or poultry, and can reduce harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, increase beneficial bacteria flora, improve feed conversion efficiency, reduce morbity and/or mortality, and/or yield harvested meat having reduced content of harmful bacteria.


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