Anti-oxidation frying device

Patent Number: 9386881

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An anti-oxidation frying device includes a frying vessel having an electrically conductive body configured to heat cooking oil carried therein by a heating unit. A removable basket, also formed of electrically conductive material, is configured to be carried within the frying vessel to enable the cooking of food in the heated oil. A rectification circuit is coupled to the heating unit, the body of the frying vessel, and the basket. During operation the rectification circuit converts AC power from an external power source into a rippled, rectified AC current signal that is supplied to the heating unit, body of the frying vessel, and the basket, so as to create a reducing environment of available electrons for absorption by the cooking oil and food as it is prepared, thus extending the life of the cooking oil.


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