Apparatus and methods for treating sleep apnea

Patent Number: 9387116

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Apparatus and methods are provided for treating sleep apnea, snoring, and the like using an implant within an oropharyngeal region adjacent an anterior longitudinal ligament. The implant may include a central region between first and second outer regions. In one embodiment, one of the outer regions is compressible to allow the outer region to be directed through or behind the ligament such that the central region is disposed within or behind the ligament, the outer region being resiliently expandable after passing through or behind the ligament. In another embodiment, the implant may include one or more tines or other features that may be directed into adjacent tissue, e.g., the anterior longitudinal ligament and/or vertebra to secure the implant within the oropharyngeal region.


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