Application device

Patent Number: 9387052

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An application device with a cylindrical basic body for storing a squeezable dental material having a piston positioned inside the basic body and axially displaceable towards the basic body. A piston rod serves to displace the piston in the squeezing direction, which piston rod partially reaches into the piston and is axially displaceable towards the latter. The piston is provided with an elastic resetting device at its front end area positioned in the direction towards the dental material. The elastic resetting device can be biased in the squeezing direction, and returns back to its relaxed position after the end of each axial movement of the piston in the squeezing direction and release of the pressure exerted on the piston rod for this purpose.


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Klaus Galehr - - -
Ralf Suffel - - -
Frank Müller - - -
Sebastian Holaschke - - -


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A 61 M 5 315
A 61 M 5 31
A 61 C 5 06


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Ivoclar Vivadent AG - - - - -