Blood lancing device

Patent Number: 9386945

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A blood lancing device includes a housing unit and a cap. When the cap is disposed at an initial position, a second drive element is blocked by a first drive element from forward movement relative to the first drive element. When the cap is moved from the initial position to a retracted position, the first drive element pushes the second drive element so that the second drive element is deviated from the first drive element when a holder holding a lancet is moved to a trigger position, thereby allowing for a high speed movement of the holder from the trigger position to a pricking position by virtue of biasing action of a first biasing member.


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Chun-Mu Huang - - -
Peter Stettler - - -
Patrick Hostettler - - -
Aurelius Horisberger - - -
Jurgen Wittmann - - -


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A 61 B 17 32
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A 61 B 5 151


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Bionime Corporation - - - Kaohsiung -