Welcome to the Brand page for “C”, which is offered here for Machine tools, turning and boring machines; machining centers; conveyors and conveying systems and components thereof, assembly line conveyors, numerically controlled transfer lines, loading and unloading stations for conveyors, pallet transporting conveyors, controls and software for conveyors and conveying systems sold as a unit therewith, pallets for use with conveyors, transfer elevators, lifting tables, assembly lines for vehicle body framing and components thereof, electrical and pneumatic controls and software therefor sold as a unit with such assembly lines, side frames for body framing lines and body framing welding stations, trailers attached to conveyors; welding machines and welding stations for assembly lines; motor reducers, clutches, brakes, bushings, shafts, bearings, joints, cylinders, and motors for machine tools and conveying systems.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is “Machinery”. “C” is believed to be currently owned by “Comau spa”.

Owner Details
Machine Tools, Turning and Boring Machines; Machining Centers; Conveyors and Conveying Systems and Components Thereof, Assembly Line Conveyors, Numerically Controlled Transfer Lines, Loading and Unloading Stations for Conveyors, Pallet Transporting Conveyors, Controls and Software for Conveyors and Conveying Systems Sold as a Unit Therewith, Pallets for Use with Conveyors, Transfer Elevators, Lifting Tables, Assembly Lines for Vehicle Body Framing and Components Thereof, Electrical and Pneumatic Controls and Software Therefor Sold as a Unit with Such Assembly Lines, Side Frames for Body Framing Lines and Body Framing Welding Stations, Trailers Attached to Conveyors; Welding Machines and Welding Stations for Assembly Lines; Motor Reducers, Clutches, Brakes, Bushings, Shafts, Bearings, Joints, Cylinders, and Motors for Machine Tools and Conveying Systems