Cabinet drawer stop mechanism

Patent Number: 9386853

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A stop mechanism for a drawer displaceable along a line of travel into and out of a compartment of a cabinet, such drawer including a first surface disposed parallel to the line of travel and a second surface disposed at an angle relative to such line of travel, having a member pivotally mountable on such structure, displaceable between a first position resting upon such first drawer surface, in abutting alignment with the second drawer surface, obstructing removal of such drawer from the opening along such line of travel, and a second position out of resting relation with such first drawer surface and abutting alignment with such second drawer surface, permitting the removal of such drawer from such compartment along such line of travel.


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Kenneth J. Susnjara - - -


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A 47 B 95 00
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A 47 B 88 04


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Thermwood Corporation - - - - -