Carpal tunnel brace

Patent Number: 9387109

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A brace for relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome employs a strap element having a thumb aperture proximate a first end and a slot adjacent a peripheral edge of the strap element to receive a fifth finger. The strap element extends from the thumb aperture to be received in a central portion across a dorsal portion of a hand. The strap element then extends around the ulnar border and across the palm of the hand past the radial border with a tail portion of the strap element overlapping the central portion. A fastener moiety is provided on the tail portion of the strap element and a mating moiety on an outer surface of the strap element to engages the fastener moiety. The strap element tensioned around the hand produces approximation of carpals and metacarpals in the hand.


First Name Last Name City State Country
Russell S. Moir - - -
Craig Keoshian - - -


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A 61 F 13 00
A 61 F 5 01