Brand Owner Address Description
3PLAY Dimensional Optics, Inc. 3590 Sacramento Drive, Suite 130
3590 Sacramento Drive
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
Eyewear, eyeglasses, stereoscopic eyeglasses, active shutter ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A stereoscopic image-taking lens apparatus according to the present invention is attachable to an image-taking apparatus provided with an image-pickup element; wherein a shutter is changed over so that lights from the right and left optical paths are guided alternately to the image-pickup element at every predetermined time, so that parallax images are formed in time sequence on the image-pickup element. Furthermore, the stereoscopic image-taking lens apparatus sends a signal for inhibiting an image-taking operation in which the charge-storage time of the image-pickup element is longer than the predetermined time for changing over the shutter to the image-taking apparatus. Furthermore, the lens device sends a signal for changing the set allowance of a white balance to the image-taking apparatus.