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CLOSER Quantitative Brokers 285 Madison Ave New York NY 10017 Agencies or brokerage for the trading of securities, securities index futures, securities options, and overseas market securities futures; Electronic financial trading services; Securities trade execution services, algorithmic trading services;

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention is to an integrated end-to-end system and process composed of numerous application systems and subsystems (applicable in total or in subparts) which enables parties (such as businesses, buildings, prisons, governments, etc.) to acquire information (biometric and textual) regarding an applicant requesting entry, verify the acquired information-checking it against defined (e.g., government enforcement agencies) offender lists, and utilizing the acquired information at defined points in the process to track individuals. Further, the system preferably includes mandatory, scheduled check-ins to ensure compliance with the visitation requirements during the stay by the party in the sponsoring facility, country, business, etc.