Brand Owner Address Description
ALMOST MAKEUP CLINIQUE LABORATORIES 767 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10153 ALMOST MAKE UP;cosmetics, namely, makeup foundation;MAKEUP;

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Technical Examples
  1. A make-up case having pallet is disclosed. The make-up case includes: a body having a hollow tube, a latch locking part, and a lid; a pallet being in the form of a cylinder capable of being inserted into the body, the pallet having a number of compartments for containing cosmetics, latches, and a hollow part formed therein; and a painting tool coupled with the body, the painting tool having a grip, a brush holder, and a brush. A user can grasp the make-up case with one hand as it is in the form of a cylinder and has a small volume. The make-up case can be easily and safely carried and kept as it has a brush and a pallet and there is little possibility to expose the pallet by the small external impact due to screwing between the body and the pallet.