Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
ABACUS Abacus Financial Group, Inc. 3340 Peachtree Road, N.E. Atlanta GA 30326 appraisal, financial and real estate services;
APPRAISAL ASSIST Scanlin, Thomas 501 Oakwood Ave. #1E Lake Forest IL 60045 APPRAISAL;Application service provider (ASP) featuring proprietary software for data management and analysis for use by real estate professionals;
APPRAISAL FIREWALL SHARPERLENDING SOLUTIONS 1410 N. Mullan Rd., Suite 110 Spokane Valley WA 99206 APPRAISAL;Providing a website featuring technology for ordering, managing, and processing appraisal reports and documents needed for home loans for use by mortgage lenders and brokers;
APPRAISAL SENTRY Appraisal World, inc. 302 Piercy Rd San Jose CA 951381401 APPRAISAL;providing temporary use of online non-downloadable computer software for protecting information and data in a report;
EWOLFS 1239 W. 6th Street Cleveland OH 44113 appraisal, auction and retail sale services related to art, antiques, books and other collectible items, including such services made available through a global network;
FAST TRACK APPRAISAL RenewVia, Inc. 1100 Dexter Ave. North Seattle WA 98109 APPRAISAL;Providing arbitration services for insurance claims;
GREAT LAKES APPRAISAL COMPANY Great Lakes Appraisal Company 6th Floor 190 MONROE AVENUE. Grand Rapids MI 49503 appraisal, consulting and other fee-based services; namely, consulting on real estate matters, determining the advisability of making building improvements, and expert witness fees;APPRAISAL COMPANY;
IAPPRAISAL iAppraisal, Inc. 20611 Bothell-Everett Highway, E328 Bothell WA 98012 I APPRAISAL;Real estate advertising services; Real estate marketing services; Providing marketing services for real estate professionals;
IAPPRAISAL COLLATERAL ANALYTICS 6700 Kalanianaole Highway, Suite 210 Honolulu HI 96825 I APPRAISAL;Valuations in real estate matters; Consulting on the subject of intellectual property valuation; Consulting on the subject of intellectual property valuation; Financial valuation of personal property and real estate; Financial valuation of personal property and real estate; Financial appraisal and valuation of real estate; Intellectual property valuation services; Intellectual property valuation services; Land valuation; Real estate valuation services; Real estate valuations; Real estate appraisal and valuation;
PACIFIC VALUATION Yates, Michael Suite 450 15615 Alton Parkway Irvine CA 92618 Appraisal;
RAPID APPRAISAL MEPS - First Oil Ltd Eagle Star House, Fifth Floor Theklas Lysioti 35 Liamassol 3030 Cyprus APPRAISAL;Reservoir delineation analysis, namely, characterization of hydrocarbons in a reservoir for the oil and gas industry;
SONY CENTER AM POTSDAMER PLATZ SONY KABUSHIKI KAISHA 1-7-1- Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan appraisal, brokerage, leasing and management services of land and buildings, namely, apartment buildings, office buildings, movie theaters, stores and restaurants;business information services, namely, the supply of information about land and buildings, for sale or leasing;The foreign wording AM POTSDAMER PLATZ in the mark means, in English in Potsdam plaza.;

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention relates to a process of quantification of the radioactivity of living tissue structures by emission tomography to determine the concentration of a radioactive tracer. It includes the acquisition of images in three dimensions, the determination of the point dispersion function of the imaging system, its convolution with a high-resolution model to obtain a low resolution model, a readjustment, an appraisal of the match between the low-resolution model and the images, in case of a negative test, iterative steps of deformation of the high-resolution model and of performing the preceding steps until the test remains negative, the segmentation of the images into regions, the calculation of the activity of the regions, the determination of a geometrical transfer matrix, its inversion and the multiplication, so as to obtain data for correction of the partial volume effect. The point dispersion function is obtained by a calibration process resorting to a test object called "anthropomorphic phantom" and the quantification of the radioactivity of the compartments of this object.