Brand Owner Address Description
TIKIPONG Hegemann, Kenneth J. 3515 Avondale Circle Carlsbad CA 92008 beach sandals;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A combination beach bag and beach mat for storing and transporting personal items for leisure, camping, travel, vacation, swimming pool and beach going excursions includes an upper storage section having an inner storage cavity for containing a towel and a beach mat therein, and the beach mat integrally attached to the storage section and easily drawn out and unfolded from the inner storage cavity for disposition on the ground or for covering various types of chairs, and both the storage section and the beach mat having integrally attached thereto accessory pouches or pockets that can be insulated for the storage of other items such as keys, wallets, reading material, and beverage containers. The beach mat and the accessory pouches are easily folded back into the inner storage cavity of the upper storage section whereupon the upper storage section functions as a beach bag for convenient transport by draping a carrying strap attached to the upper storage section over the individual's shoulder.