Brand Owner Address Description
NATIONAL CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE NATIONAL JEWISH CENTER FOR IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE 1400 Jackson Street Denver CO 80206 CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE;hospital, medical research and patient care services relating to the treatment of immunological disorders and lung diseases;

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Technical Examples
  1. A medicine supply apparatus to discharge a medicine into packing paper having a nozzle for discharging a medicine from a tablet case and a shutter rotatably provided in the nozzle for opening/closing a medicine drop path. The shutter includes a first rotatable shutter plate of a size capable of closing the inside of the nozzle, a second shutter plate swingably connected to the tip of the first shutter plate, and a guide for swinging the second shutter plate in a direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the first shutter plate in a final stage of the medicine discharge while the first shutter plate is opened. The tip of the second shutter plate is located in a position to narrow an outlet of the medicine drop path when the first shutter plate is opened.