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8 Adcon Lab, Inc. 6110 Running Springs Road San Jose CA 95135 Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and cleaning related products used in semiconductor manufacturing to enable lower manufacturing costs and higher productivity and yield, namely, advanced abrasive products in both suspension and solid form in controlled shapes and particle size distributions, namely, cerium oxide, manganese oxide, silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and combinations or reaction products thereof;The stippling shown in the drawing is for shading purposes only to show three-dimensional depth.;

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Technical Examples
  1. A stopper for chemical mechanical planarization comprising an organosilicon polymer, in particular a polycarbosilane, is provided. The stopper used for polishing wafers with a wiring pattern in the manufacture of semiconductor devices to protect interlayer dielectric films made of a material such as SiO2, fluorine dope SiO2, or organic or inorganic SOG (Spin-on glass) from damages during the chemical mechanical planarization process.