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ANINOTO GARRIGA FOSCH, JAVIER Camí de Vilassar a Sant Bartomeu, 4 E-08317 ÒRRIUS (BARCELONA) Spain Chemisettes, undershorts, combinations, sweaters, pullovers, jerseys, bathing suits, socks, raincoats, neckties, neckerchiefs, shirts, mantillas, corsets, girdles, brassieres, belts, dresses, jackets, trousers, slippers, shoes and boot liners;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;
BREOKLLA Shenzhen Homery Technology Co., Ltd. A1-B6, 6/F, Tianji Bldg, Tian'an Cyber City, No. 10, Tairan 5 Rd, Futian Dist Shenzhen 518000 China Chemisettes; Footwear; Hats; Lingerie; Swimwear; Athletic tops and bottoms for yoga; Athletic tops and bottoms for bodybuilder; Body suits; Corsets being foundation clothing; Infant wear; Women's clothing, namely, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses;
CERIDTIELL Xiamen Dugou Information Technology Co., Ltd. E205-61, Incubation Center, 88 Xiangxing Rd., Huoju High-tech Zone, Xiamen,Fujian 361000 China Chemisettes; Coats; Jeans; Singlets; Sleepwear; Sweaters; Trousers; Coats for men and women; Evening gowns; Swim trunks;
MUJOBEN Xie, Hongbin No. 27-5, Xipu Village Daitou Town, Xiuyu District Putian City, Fujian 351166 China Chemisettes; Greatcoats; T-shirts; Athletic jackets; Athletic sweaters; Body suits; Corsets being clothing; Leotards and tights for women, men and children of nylon, cotton or other textile fibers; Posing suits for bodybuilding competitions; Sleep masks; Sports bras; Sports jerseys and breeches for sports; Sweat-absorbent underclothing; Trunks being clothing; Wetsuits for surfing; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts; Yoga socks;The wording Mujoben has no meaning in a foreign language.;

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