Brand Owner Address Description
NUCLEAVE Variagenics, Inc. 60 Hampshire Street Cambridge MA 02139 Computer hardware and software recorded on magnetic tapes, disks, diskettes, and computers for searching, retrieving, and analyzing databases containing genetic information including information regarding the presence of genetic variations in genetic samples observed via mass spectrometry or through other analytical methods;

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Technical Examples
  1. An integrated hardware and software monitoring system for a remote computer includes an event monitoring module loaded on the remote computer. The event monitoring module includes a hardware event detector that detects hardware events on the remote computer that may need attention, and a software service detector that detects status of software running on the remote computer to determine if any of the software has failed or is not operating properly, and to output a software event as a result thereof. The monitoring system also includes a data transmission system for performing a data transmission so as to notify a support specialist over a network connection of a hardware event or software event detected by the event monitoring module. The monitoring system further includes a graphical user interface provided on a display of the remote computer for allowing a user of the remote computer to make selections as to which software services and hardware events are to be detected.