Brand Owner Address Description
CVN Franking, Holly 7930 State Line, Ste 210
Prairie Village KS 66208
computerized video novels, comprising computer software, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention is an audio-video communication and answering system that synergistically improves communication between an exterior and an interior of a business or residence and a remote location, enables messages to be stored and accessed from both locally and remotely, and enables viewing, listening, and recording from a remote location. The system's properties make it particularly suitable as a sophisticated door answering-messaging system. The system has a DVMS module on the exterior. The DVMS module has a proximity sensor, a video camera, a microphone, a speaker, an RF transmitter, and an RF receiver. The system also has a computerized controller with a graphic user interface DVMS database application. The computerized controller is in communication with a public switching telephone network, and an RF switching device. The RF switching device enables communication between the DVMS module and the computerized controller. The RF switching device can be in communication with other RF devices, such as a cell phone, PDA, or computer.