Brand Owner Address Description
COOL RETAINERS BY MUK LUKS RELIABLE KNITTING WORKS 6737 W. Washington Street, Suite 3200 Milwaukee WI 53214 COOL RETAINERS BY MUCK LUCKS;Headwear; Sleepwear; Slippers; Socks;as to MUK LUKS;

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Technical Examples
  1. A system for simultaneously processing a plurality of particles, e.g. beads or cells. A liquid sample containing the particles is delivered to a processing chamber in which the particles are positioned on particle retainers which lie in a plane. The particle retainers are sized to receive only one particle, so that the particles do not overlap. The system can make use of positioning fluid for forcing the particles into the particle retainers. The positioned particles can, for example, be processed by interrogating the particles with a light of a preselected wavelength, and analyzing signals received from the particles.