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MENTERA EMERALD X 14th Floor 100 Broadway New York NY 10005 Coordination, planning, design, implementation, promotion and operation of wellness and health fairs for business and commercial purposes; Business marketing services in the field of health fairs and wellness services;Providing a website featuring information about health and wellness;
PHYSICIANS CARE ASR Corporation 260 Jefferson Avenue, S.E. Grand Rapids MI 49503 coordination, administration, management and marketing services for health benefits plans to be sponsored by employees and other third party payors; consulting services related to strategic and organizational solutions for provider-owned health care organizations;
WORLD BOXING LEAGUE Frizzell, William D., Jr. 3301 Golden Road, Suite 211 Tyler TX 75701 coordination, regulation, and certification of boxing teams; promotion of the sport of boxing; promotion of league association and participation; and coordination, scheduling, certification, and promotion of boxing matches and exhibitions;

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Technical Examples
  1. A color selection and coordination system including a database of predetermined color relationships implementing a data-driven color model. A starting color is associated with a first color in the color database. One or more predefined color palettes associated with the first color are retrieved. Each palette including one or more coordinating colors, the coordinating colors being predetermined based on the first color and a color coordination algorithm.