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ACCESSOME Natan Gal pobox 8748
honolulu HI 96830
Carrying cases for cell phones; Cell ...
I Q YB Lee, John 553 W. Golf Road
Arlington Heights IL 60005
Batteries and battery chargers; Battery cables; ...
IHANGY Blutron Group Po Box 803103
Dallas TX 75380
Audio speakers; Batteries; Batteries and battery ...
INNOCENT Innocent, LLC 1521 Concord Pike #303
Wilmington DE 19803
Accessories for lighting fixtures, plastic pole ...
MUSIC NECKLACE Blutron Group Po Box 803103
Dallas TX 75380
Bags and cases specially adapted for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An audio lanyard audio device provides a number of advantages not seen with earlier devices, including, (1) a pair of soft openings to accept the ear pieces of conventional eyewear in a manner that supports and engages several inches of the ear pieces of conventional eyewear with sufficient surface area and friction to hold the conventional eyewear securely, (2) provision of a length of softer foam material for fitting both the lanyard and convention eyewear ear pieces between the ear and head, (3) formation of a balanced combination when worn with conventional eyewear, and (4) the location of the controls and main electronics and battery at the rear for balance and easy reach by a user.