Brand Owner Address Description
SMALL CHANGE DUCK HEAD APPAREL COMPANY, INC. P.O. BOX 688 1020 BARROW INDUSTRIAL PKWY. WINDER GA 306800688 fabric diapers and diaper covers;

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Technical Examples
  1. A diaper is folded about lengthwise foldlines between side elastic banded edges and is folded along a widthwise foldline such that the diaper length is reduced by at least 50%. A central portion of the diaper is visible and the remainder thereof is hidden from view within the folds. Thereafter, a height of the folded diaper is reduced by compressing the diaper with opposed surfaces of a press and the diaper is sealed within an encasement having an interior volume that closely corresponds to the diaper. Sealing is done under a vacuum sufficient to result in further compression of the diaper to a very firm and dense state in which the surface of the diaper is hard. The vacuum-sealed diaper is packaged with a diaper accessory with the diaper and accessory located within separate interior spaces isolated by an air impermeable material such that a pressure differential may exist therebetween.