Brand Owner Address Description
CONSERVATIVE CORNERSTONES INVESCO HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED 1555 Peachtree Street, NE Atlanta GA 30309 [ Financial and ] investment services, namely, management [ and brokerage ] in the fields of stocks [, bonds, options, commodities, futures and other securities, ] and investment of funds of others; [ transfer agency services; ] financial analysis * and * [, ] management [, consulting and advisory ] services; fund investment * ; * [, account reporting services; electronic funds transfer; financial information and evaluation services; savings and loan services; individual savings account services; capital investment services; ] financial transaction services, namely, trading of financial instruments; investment services, namely, asset management; [ financial, securities and commodities exchange services; ] investment analysis [ ; real estate management; rental of office space; retirement payment services; and trusteeship representatives ];CONSERVATIVE;

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and system performs an analysis to compare and evaluate the performance of an investment portfolio The method and system includes processes performed on the financial data for each stock in the investment portfolio followed by a fundamental financial analysis. The fundamental financial analysis includes a negative base number inclusion process relating to stocks in the investment portfolio and uses financial data for the stocks that is selected from comparable time periods for each of the stocks, thereby generating a more accurate evaluation of the investment portfolio.