Brand Owner Address Description
RTTM WEB FIXED INCOME CLEARING CORPORATION 55 Water Street, 31st Floor New York NY 10041 Web-based trade entry and trade management service for fixed income products;

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Technical Examples
  1. An apparatus and process (collectively the "system") for conducting and managing the primary offering of fixed income securities, specifically, but not exclusively, fixed rate municipal bonds at different prices for like maturities over electronic networks, particularly, but not exclusively, the Internet, is disclosed. A differential commission method for the distribution of primary market fixed income securities, including the steps of: (a) purchasing from an issuer, by an underwriter, at least one fixed income security on the primary market; (b) offering the at least one fixed income security to at least one investor; (c) setting, by a first offerer, a price, including a commission, for the at least one fixed income security; (d) setting, by a subsequent offerer, a different price, including a different commission, for the at least one fixed income security; and (e) purchasing, by the at least one investor, the at least one fixed income security. The system includes the steps of: (1) building and maintaining an inquiry database; (2) building and maintaining a syndicate inputs database; (3) comparing the inquiry database with the syndicate inputs database; and (4) identifying matches between the data in the inquiry and the syndicate inputs database.