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4 CORNERS OF A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS AERUS CONCEPTS, L.P. Attn: Legal 14841 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500 Dallas TX 75254 FOUR CORNERS OF A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ; FOR CORNERS OF A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS;Business consultation; Direct marketing consulting services;

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention includes a blank and container wherein the container includes truncated corner panels and the container is configured to attach or otherwise sit upon a supporting structure, such as, without limitation, a pallet. The truncated corners of the container coupled with the non-truncated corners of the supporting structure cause the corners of the supporting structure to extend beyond the perimeter of the container. Corner tabs having hazard-warning indicia upon an upper surface are configured to extend over the exposed supporting structure corners. Consequently, attention is drawn to the extended supporting structure corners thereby helping to prevent tripping over the pallet corners The indicia may be brightly colored stripes, solid fields or any other indicia. The indicia may be printed and formed in same process as printing labels on the container, thereby requiring no additional manufacturing steps.