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LO-BRRRS Fownes Brothers & Co. Inc. 16 East 34th Street New york NY 10016 Headphones for portable sound devices incorporating an earmuff into the design for protection against the cold;LOW-BRRRS;

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention relates to headphones. Such headphones always comprise at least one, preferably two, earpieces which are each equipped with a reproduction transducer. Furthermore, appropriate earpieces also comprise an ear cushion, which either encloses the user's ear when the headphones are put on or lies on the ear. The object of the present invention is to solve the problems of prior art arrangements and find a simple embodiment for the headphones. Headphones having at least one headphones earpiece, which comprises a reproduction system and ear cushions, the latter enclosing the ear or lying on it, a front volume and a rear volume being determined by the reproduction system, the front volume being essentially determined between the reproduction system and the volume enclosed by ear cushions and head and the rear volume being essentially the volume which is determined by the reproduction system and the housing of the headphones earpiece, the front and the rear volumes being connected by an acoustic resistor. The acoustic resistor is situated inside the housing of the headphones earpiece beneath the plane which is determined by the sound outlet aperture of the reproduction transducer.