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RADIA INTELLIGENCE ENGINE OnProcess Technology, Inc. 268 Summer Street Boston MA 02210 INTELLIGENCE ENGINE;Platform as a service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for data services in the nature of data processing, data monitoring, data indexing, data analysis, data optimization, and data reproduction; data automation and collection service using proprietary software to evaluate, analyze and collect service data; Platform as a service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for use in database management, for use in supply chain management services and business management services, namely, managing logistics, reverse logistics, supply chain services, supply chain visibility and synchronization, supply and demand forecasting and product distribution processes for others;

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Technical Examples
  1. Disclosed are systems and methods in which call intelligence, such as may be disposed in communication with signaling systems utilized in controlling calls, is used to provide information for making determinations with respect to the treatment of calls. Call intelligence may be coupled to or disposed within such networks to receive signaling therefrom and/or transmit signaling thereto for determining the appropriate treatment of a call and, preferably, controlling the treatment of a call in accordance with such determination. Signaling messages received by call intelligence may be utilized to determine that a particular calling activity (e.g., enhanced calling service such as call forwarding or three-way calling) is being employed, to collect data with respect to a call, and the like. Signaling messages transmitted by call intelligence of the present invention may be utilized to prevent a call from being setup, to prevent a particular aspect of a call, to provide information to a billing entity for payment, and the like.