Brand Owner Address Description
B Automotive Booster Clubs International,Inc. 5105 Tollview Dr. Rolling Meadows IL 60008 Indicating Membership in an International Trade Association;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. The disclosure provides for creating a finalized document relating to a transaction. A buyer selects documents associated with a proposed transaction and indicates trade terms of an agreement relating to the documents selected. The trade terms are presented to a seller on an electronic form via an electronic document platform. The electronic form includes a combined purchase order proforma invoice, a transportation document, and a shipping document. The seller can amend the trade terms on the form, and each amendment creates a new version of the form. Negotiations of the trade terms between the buyer and the seller are conducted electronically and the negotiated fonn detailing the negotiation of the trade terms is generated and displayed electronically, also. A compliance check is performed and is triggered in response to a digital signature of the form. Payment is initiated to the seller after a verification of credit of the buyer.