Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
FIRST HISPANIC COMMUNITY BANK Weissman, Biniamin Second Floor South
40-29 27 Street
Long Island City NY 11101
Banking services; Merchant banking and investment ...
GRUPO AVAL MORE THAN A BANK Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores S.A. Piso 14
Carrera 13, No. 26-45
Santafe de Bogota
Banking and financing services; Electronic banking ...
ICCU Idaho Central Credit Union PO Box 2469
Pocatello ID 83206
Banking and financial services, investment banking ...
IJARA FAIZAND, S├ębastien Michel 2 rue Montesquieu
54000 Nancy
Advisory services relating to credit ...
INVESTED HERE Washington Federal Savings and Loan Association 425 Pike Street
Seattle WA 98101
Banking and financing services; Merchant banking ...
WESTERN LIBERTY BANK Global Consumer Acquisition Corp. 1370 Avenue of the Americas, 28th Floor
New York NY 10019
Financial advisory and consultancy services; Financial ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system and method is carried out in connection with a card actuated automated banking machine. The automated banking machine is operative to dispense cash to users. An imaging device in the automated banking machine is operative to capture data corresponding to images of checks. At least one computer in the automated banking machine operates to produce markup language documents including data corresponding to indicia included on checks received by the machine. Markup language documents produced by the automated banking machine are communicated to a remote check analysis terminal.