Brand Owner Address Description
FABULITZ DELTA GALIL USA INC. 1 Harmon Plaza, 5th Floor Secaucus NJ 07094 Kits comprised of decorative pieces and shapes in the nature of buttons, decorative ribbons, ornamental bows, textile and fabric ornamental patches, beads, charms and fabric and textile pieces in the form of objects and geometric shapes, to affix to apparel and apparel accessories, footwear, bags, headgear, hand and leg warmers, pillows, house wares, toys and dolls, and jewelry;

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Technical Examples
  1. Footwear having a sole, a retaining strap, and at least one decorative piece is provided. The retaining strap is attached to the sole, and the decorative pieces are releasably attached to the retaining strap, thereby allowing a wearer to remove and replace the decorative pieces in an interchangeable manner. The interchangeability of the decorative pieces allows the wearer to easily modify the visual appearance of the footwear.