Brand Owner Address Description
LINK2BID Link2Gov Corp. 601 Riverside Avenue Jacksonville FL 32204 LINK 2 BID;hosting the web sites of others on a computer server; computer software design of web pages for online auctions for others; computer programming related to online auctions for others;

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Technical Examples
  1. A distribution pattern is established to distribute multilink frame relay (MFR) fragments. The distribution pattern includes a sequence of link entries associated with links in a link bundle. A number of link entries in the distribution pattern is determined by dividing a total link speed of the link bundle by a minimum possible link speed supported by a system. Each link entry is placed in the distribution pattern when the associated link is capable of transmitting a current fragment in a fastest transmit time. The fastest transmit time is determined based on the link speed of the link and a transmit time for the link to transmit other fragments previously allocated to that link. The fragments are distributed to the links in the link bundle according to the distribution pattern from a first link entry to a last link entry in the distribution pattern. The distribution pattern is repeated after the last link entry.