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ALLIED WEALTH PARTNERS TRUST. LEGACY. CONFIDENCE. Langdon Ford Financial Inc. Morris Corp Ctr #3, Bldg. C, 1st Floor
400 Interpace Pkwy
Parsippany NJ 07054
Financial services, financial management, financial planning, ...
KNOWLEDGE CREATES OPPORTUNITY Robert Schechter & Associates, LLC 251 Pierce Street
Birmingham MI 48009
Financial management services; financial planning, financial ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A mobile communication apparatus with multiple transmission and reception antennas and a mobile communication method therefore including a base station that restores long-term and short-term information from a received feedback signal, spatially processes dedicated physical channel (DPCH) signals using basis information generated from the restored long-term and short-term information, and transmits the results of adding pilot channel (PICH) signals to the spatially processed results, to the base station, and a mobile station that determines a first characteristic corresponding to the channel downlink characteristic for each of the transmission and reception antennas using the PICH signals transmitted from the base station, determines the long-term and short-term information based on the first characteristic, converts the determined long-term and short-term information to a feedback signal, and transmits the feedback signal to the base station. The long-term information includes effective long-term eigenvectors and eigenvalues, and the short-term information includes effective short-term eigenvectors and eigenvalues.