Brand Owner Address Description
OS T.S.S. Inc. 4004 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach VA 23451 The mark depicts a winged scarab holding the letters O and S.;Notebooks;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. The invention enables a recorder to mark a recording as an event is being recorded. The invention can enable the specification of a mark so that the mark is associated with recording data obtained at a time other than the time at which the mark is specified ("non-contemporaneous marking"), i.e., prior to the time of the mark ("retrospective marking") or after the time of the mark ("predictive marking"). The invention can also enable the use of multiple types of marks, each type of mark having a particular meaning. Additionally, the invention can enable marking capability to be implemented so that specification of a mark causes predetermined operation of the recording unit in accordance with the type of the mark ("augmented marking").