Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
MARY COHR MARY COHR 120, avenue Charles de Gaulle NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE 92200 France MARY COHR is the name of a deceased individual.;skin clarifiers, skin cleansing lotions, skin toners, and facial scrubs;
MARY COHR PARIS Mary Cohr S.A. 6, rue de la Paix Paris 2 France MARY COHR is the name of a deceased individual.;gels, lotions and cream to lighten the skin; make up removing gels, lotions and creams; gels, lotions and creams to clean, polish, remove oil and exfoliate the skin; perfumes; essential oils for personal use; skin moisturizing, conditioning, smoothing, toning, firming, massage and cleansing gels, lotions and creams; gels, lotions and creams to protect the skin from wind, sun and environmental pollution; wrinkle removing skin care preparations; make-up remover; eye cream; facial masks; sun block preparations; sunscreen preparations; sun tanning preparations; neck creams; bust creams; lipstick; nail enamel; rouge; blusher; eye shadow; face and body scrubs; gels, lotions and creams to absorb excess oil on the skin; gels, lotions and creams to normalize the ph of the skin; gels, lotions and creams to relieve skin redness; tinted moisturizing creams; body contouring gels, lotions and creams; bath and shower gel; self-tanning gels, lotions and creams; after sun moisturizing gels, lotions and creams and hair lotions and dentrifices;PARIS;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. 'Mary', a Dieffenbachia cultivar. 'Mary' is a compact Dieffenbachia of medium size, with oval, yellow-green variegated leaves emarginated in dark green. The leaves are held tightly to the stem with distinctive short white petioles. 'Mary' exhibits strong suckering ability. Its plant growth habit is small and compact, leaf shape is oval, leaf size is approximately 23 cm×14 cm with a length to width ratio of 1.6, leaves are yellow green and variegated, petioles are predominately white, and the distance from apex of wing to leaf base is small and bout 0.5 cm.