Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
EMD Avitech Diagnostics, Inc. 30 Spring Mill Drive Malvern PA 19355 medical diagnostic test services for detecting changes in human genes;
VARIANCE IMAGING Variagenics, Inc. 60 Hampshire Street Cambridge MA 02139 medical diagnostic test services and drug discovery research for discovering and detecting gene-sequence variances in selected populations, and for determining which variances are present in an individual ( diagnosis) in a disease management program;

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Technical Examples
  1. There is provided a test apparatus having a plurality of test modules. The test apparatus stores object diagnosing programs for controlling diagnosis of the object test module to be diagnosed of a certain type per type of the test module to be diagnosed and stores, separately from it, a set of identification information of diagnostic performance board to be mounted on a test head to diagnose the object test module to be diagnosed by the respective object diagnosing programs per type of the object test modules to be diagnosed. When the diagnostic performance board is mounted on the test head, the test apparatus obtains identification information of the diagnostic performance board and executes the object diagnosing program corresponding to that type under the condition that the identification information coincides with the identification information stored correlatively with the type of the designated object test module to be diagnosed.