Brand Owner Address Description
ICU NAIL WOODWARD LABORATORIES, INC. 100 Columbia, #100 Aliso Viejo CA 926564110 medicated antimicrobial nail and skin treatment preparations;

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Technical Examples
  1. Peptides have been identified that bind with high affinity to hair, skin, and nails. Peptide-based hair conditioners, hair colorants, skin conditioners, skin colorants, and nail colorants are described. The peptide-based hair conditioners and hair colorants consist of a hair-binding peptide coupled to a hair conditioning agent or a coloring agent, respectively. The peptide-based skin conditioners and skin colorants consist of a skin-binding peptide coupled to a skin conditioning agent or a colorant, respectively. The peptide-based nail colorants consist of a nail-binding peptide coupled to a coloring agent. In all these compositions, the peptide may be directly coupled to the active agent or the coupling may be via a spacer. Personal care compositions containing these peptide-based conditioners and colorants are also described.