Brand Owner Address Description
HEYWIRE MediaFriends, Inc. 120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801
Providing mobile communications services in the ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention provides a method, apparatus and system for providing multimedia messages to incompatible terminals. The apparatus includes a notification module (216), a media converter (220) and a retrieval module (218). The notification module (216) notifies the incompatible terminal (210) that the multimedia message (222) is available. The media converter (220) transcodes one or more parts of the multimedia message (222). The retrieval module (218) is communicably coupled to the media converter (220) and retrieves the multimedia message (222) in response to a delivery request (232, 234) from the incompatible terminal (210), renders the multimedia message (222), using the media converter (220) as necessary, into a message that is compatible with the incompatible terminal (210) and sends the message to the incompatible terminal (210). This method can be implemented using a computer program embodied on a computer readable medium wherein each function is executed using a code segment.