Brand Owner Address Description
CHEESE BIZ Housewaresdirect, Inc. P.O. Box 700
Weston MA 02493
computer software, a mobile software application ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A tool is disclosed that allows a hardware designer using a behavioral synthesis tool to view a calculated execution time for a group of related loops identified in source code describing a hardware design circuit. Further, a designer can then interactively unroll and/or pipeline a selected loop without having to modify the source code description of the circuit. Using a graphical user interface (GUI), the designer can modify the loop design easily and see the results of the new loop configuration without having to generate the RTL code, perform RTL synthesis, etc. For example, the designer can readily view the relative loop execution time of the circuit to better determine whether the design is acceptable. Additionally, the designer can execute an area-versus-latency analysis, and, if the analysis is not satisfactory, the designer can unroll and or pipeline selected loops using the GUI.