Brand Owner Address Description
"THE THRILL SEEKER" SAGE STRONG Shirk, Travis M. 53 E. Brookfield Dr.
Lebanon PA 17046
Clothing, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, shorts, sweat ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An improved hinge system for pivotally coupling a skate lower portion to a skate upper cuff. The multi-hinge design incorporates a four link chain mechanism that greatly increases the number of design options for a hinged boot. The pivot axis defined by the four link chain can be designed to shift through a path of travel that generally coincides with the path of travel of the anatomical pivot axis defined by the user's foot and leg. The upper cuff and boot lower portion account for two of the four links of the four link mechanism. The other two links are either rigid bars with pin connections on both the upper cuff and the lower portion, or roller links with a pin connection to the upper and a slot like sliding surface on the lower portion. A slider link can be substituted for the roller and a slide surface can be substituted for the slot.