Brand Owner Address Description
WOODSTOWN LACROSSE Woodstown Lacrosse, Inc. 16 East Grant Street
Woodstown NJ 08098
Sports- and education-related entertainment and community ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A silicon carbide seeded sublimation growth system and associated method are disclosed. The system includes a crucible, a silicon carbide source composition in the crucible, a seed holder in the crucible, a silicon carbide seed crystal on the seed holder, means for creating a major thermal gradient in the crucible that defines a major growth direction between the source composition and the seed crystal for encouraging vapor transport between the source composition and the seed crystal, and the seed crystal being positioned on the seed holder with the macroscopic growth surface of the seed crystal forming an angle of between about 70° and 89.5° degrees relative to the major thermal gradient and the major growth direction and with the crystallographic orientation of the seed crystal having the c-axis of the crystal forming an angle with the major thermal gradient of between about 0° and 2°.