Brand Owner Address Description
POLR BY MUK LUKS RELIABLE KNITTING WORKS 6737 W. Washington Street, Suite 3200 Milwaukee WI 53214 POLAR BY MUK LUKS;Ear muffs; scarves; gloves; headwear; hats; headbands; mittens; stocking hats; eternity scarves; mufflers; knitted caps; pants; shorts; sweat shirts; T-shirts; wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts and arm warmers; slippers; socks; combined socks and slippers; stockings; leggings; sandals; shoes; boots;As to MUK LUKS;

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Technical Examples
  1. Provided is a motor having a magnetic polar unit in which a permanent magnetic polar array having arranged therein alternately a plurality of permanent magnetic polar elements in alternate opposite poles is made to face a plurality of electromagnetic coil arrays alternately excited at opposite poles, and the permanent magnetic polar array is made to move thereby; wherein the motor further comprises a sensor for detecting the periodical magnetic change accompanying the movement of the permanent magnetic polar array, the output of the sensor is directly returned as a direct drive waveform to the electromagnetic coils, and this drive circuit forms the excitation signal based on the return signal.