Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BGE SMART ENERGY PRICING BALTIMORE GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY Two Center Plaza 110 West Fayette Street Baltimore MD 21201 Providing cash, other rebates, or other monetary-based rebate incentives as part of a customer incentive program to reduce electric usage during periods when high demands are anticipated;Administration of a billing program featuring rebate and other incentives for customers able to reduce electric usage during periods when high demands are anticipated; providing an incentive award program that provides for discount pricing for electricity for consumers who reduce electric usage during specified periods;ENERGY PRICING;
FETCH REWARDS Fetch Rewards, Inc. Suite 800 300 S. Riverside Plaza Chicago IL 60606 Providing cash, gift cards and other rebates for credit card and debit card use as part of a customer loyalty program; gift card transaction processing services; loyalty program payment processing services; provision and financial administration of a debit card program;Promoting the products and services of others by providing shopping loyalty points and incentives for on-line purchase of company's goods and services; incentive award programs to promote the sale of the products of others; retail services, namely, administration of a consumer loyalty program enabling participants to obtain product discounts, gift cards and other incentives; business information services, namely, gathering product-purchase data;REWARDS;

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Technical Examples
  1. An on-line payment system comprises a computer system which can maintain accounts in a database for a plurality of users. The system is enrolled as a payee in a bill payment system so that users can transfer funds from their bank accounts to electronic cash accounts in the system by making a bill payment to the system. The bill payment is deposited in a bank account maintained by the operator of the system. The system includes a double-entry, net zero accounting system which ensures that electronic cash in the accounts on the system is supported by actual cash on deposit in the bank account of the system. Users can spend electronic cash before the system actually receives funds via the bill payment system. Electronic cash spent during this period is marked uncleared by the system. The system includes reconciliation software which matches payments received to uncleared electronic cash and marks the electronic cash as being cleared. After the electronic cash has been cleared it can be converted into regular cash. The electronic cash of the system is recyclable, anonymous, and secure.