Brand Owner Address Description
6S 6S MARKETING INC. 402 - 1120 Hamilton Street Vancouver, B.C. V6B2S2 Canada Providing e-mail services for businesses; e-mail forwarding services for businesses;SIX S;providing marketing strategy services for businesses; conducting competitive analysis for business development; conducting market research; creation of advertising copy; providing consulting services in the field of facilitating the planning, buying, and selling of media, marketing consulting services, providing advertising consultation, namely, advertising campaign set-up services; creation of marketing reports for businesses; advertising, promotion and marketing services in the nature of e-mail blast campaigns for others; promoting the goods and services of others by providing hypertext links to the web sites of others;consultation services in the field of search engine optimization; consultation in the field of web site development for others;

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and system for providing address change notification in an e-mail forwarding system by providing a pre-generated e-mail address change notification to recipients selected during registration in the e-mail forwarding system. The e-mail forwarding system operating when a message is received at an e-mail forwarding computer, the message identifying the first disfavored e-mail address. The e-mail forwarding computer parses the first e-mail address from the message to determine if there is a second preferred forwarding e-mail address associated with the first e-mail address. If there is a second e-mail address associated with the first e-mail address, the e-mail forwarding computer sends the e-mail message to a third computer associated with the second e-mail address.