Brand Owner Address Description
TRIM RIDE ROADMASTER CORPORATION RADIO TOWER ROAD & EAST STREET P.O. BOX 344 OLNEY IL 62450 Stationery Exercise Bicycle;No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the word Ride, apart from the mark as shown.;

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Technical Examples
  1. A bicycle towing device for towing a trailing bicycle behind a leading bicycle including a leading bicycle connection interconnected to a trailing bicycle connection by a tow bar. The trailing bicycle connection is connectable to both upper and lower locations on the trailing bicycle such that the center of gravity of the force pulling the trailing bicycle is centered on the trailing bicycle to provide stable maneuverability of the trailing bicycle. The leading bicycle connection and the trailing bicycle connection include pivotal joints that allow limited degrees of rotational movement with respect to the tow bar. In this manner of attachment, the tow bar is pivotal with respect to both the leading bicycle connection and the trailing bicycle connection to account for differences in height between the bicycles while forcing the trailing bicycle to lean at substantially the same exact angle as the leading bicycle at all times.