Brand Owner Address Description
8 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON 4800 Calhoun Road Houston TX 77204 Television scheduling programming;The mark consists of The mark is a stylized vertical figure 8 with a starburst passing through the top half of the figure 8. The star is on the right side of the figure 8 with tail running from the left side of the figure 8 through the top of the figure 8 connecting to the starburst..;Sports shirts;EIGHT;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;Mugs;

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Technical Examples
  1. An on-line scheduling application allows users to personalize how television-related, entertainment-related, and social event related information is provided. Users may select one or more sources from which the information is obtained. Users may set up a date book that is also used as a source. Users may select one or more delivery schemes that the application uses to provide the information. One or more of the personalization features of the scheduling application may be incorporated into an on-line television programming guide.