Brand Owner Address Description
TOPLINE CREDIT UNION TOPLINE FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION 9353 Jefferson Highway Maple Grove MN 55369 TOP LINE CREDIT UNION;Banking services; Credit union services;CREDIT UNION;

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Technical Examples
  1. A plumbing apparatus for connecting a tankless hot water heater to a cold water supply line and a hot water outlet line includes a union and a tee that are interconnected to one another. A first connector at one end of the union is provided for connecting the union to the tankless hot water heater. A second connector at a free end of the tee is provided for connecting the tee to either the cold water supply line or the hot water outlet line. The tee is provided with a branch for connecting the plumbing apparatus to a plumbing device. A passage formed in the union and tee permits fluid to flow there through and through the branch.