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VARIAGENICS Variagenics, Inc. 60 Hampshire Street Cambridge MA 02139 VARIATION GENETICS;providing medical information relating to the identification in a patient of genetic variations affecting drug action and the development of pharmaceutical preparations whose mechanism of action is related to the said genetic variation in the treatment of cancer, proliferative diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases,or cardiovascular diseases;
VARIGENIX Varigenix, Inc. 6280 East Shady Grove Rd Mamphis TN 38120 VARIATION GENETICS;Assays and reagents for use in genetic research; Cells for scientific, laboratory or medical research;

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention is a system and method that facilitates measurement of timing variations (e.g., timing delays) in a semiconductor chip. The timing variations are measured and presented as digital values without extensive off chip measurement and analysis equipment. The timing variation measurements provides insight into timing variations (e.g., delays) inside a semiconductor chip and across different chips, including timing impacts experienced in end use after manufacturing. A timing variation measurement system includes a variation test signal generator for passing a signal through a portion of a circuit and generating a variation test signal. A variation test signal tracking component digitally counts cycles in a variation test signal and a control component controls the counting (e.g., the length of time the cycles are counted). Timing variation information, including a digital value associated with the variation test signal cycle count, can be communicated via pins and/or a processor interface.