Brand Owner Address Description
WELLD WORKWEAR WHERQ WEAR 6102 Jefferson NE, Suite C Albuquerque NM 87109 WELD WORK WEAR;Clothing, namely, jumpsuits, coveralls, overalls, T shirts, jackets, pants, head wraps, and underwear;WORK WEAR;

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Technical Examples
  1. In a system for laser welding upper and lower work pieces along a weld interface, the upper work piece being transparent to laser light and having a non-uniformly thick dimension, compensation plates and compliant members are taught that mate or otherwise contact the upper work piece such that a combined thickness of the upper work piece and the compensation plate or compliant member is substantially uniform in a region at least above the weld interface. In this manner, substantially consistent amounts of laser light reach the weld interface. The upper work piece may include positive projections, negative voids, contoured profiles, surface imperfections or other that cause the non-uniformity. In one embodiment, the compensation plate is fashioned together with a compliant member. In another embodiment, the upper and lower work pieces comprise inkjet printhead lids and bodies, respectively.